Tania Downen - Congregation Council Secretary


The position of Council Secretary involves attending all council meetings, and taking the minutes of those meetings as well as ensuring necessary quorums are present during voting on issues. The minutes are then typed and distributed to all Council members before the next Council meeting, so they can be reviewed and amended as necessary or approved at the following meeting.  Once approved, the minutes are posted on the church bulletin board for all the congregation to read, and a copy is kept in the church files in perpetuity.

Other duties of the Council Secretary include ensuring that the required paperwork is used, such as check requests, event or fundraiser requests, advertising requests, and formats for motions and policies and procedures.

I am also the director at Resurrection Preschool, and I teach the 3 year-olds. I have been a member of Resurrection for almost 20 years, and during those years, I and my family have been involved in many ways: Fellowship, Craft Fairs, VBS, Handbells - we enjoy being active. Outside of church my interests are in gardening, reading, and finding new things to go and see with my family.

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