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Dear family & friends -

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Gov. Pritzker has put in place "stay-at home" orders for all Illinois residents.  This began at 5:00pm on Saturday, March 21st until Tuesday, April 7th.  Click here to see what "stay-at-home" means and what it doesn't.  


If you are sick, medically compromised, over the age of 60 or dependent in some way - PLEASE DO NOT GO OUT!  We have a small team of people willing to do essential shopping for you.  Call if you need anything.


Additionally, faithful members have stepped forward to provide weekly contact by phone or electronic means (email, text, skype, marco polo, etc).  We have divided the congregation by location.  Please provide a warm hello to them when they contact you.


If you need a directory sent to you to access their numbers, please email the church office at


AND, if you feel like you're going bonkers, want to kill your housemates, children, etc, or if depression sets in because of isolation, we have a member who is a certified mental health professional willing to talk with you.  Call Pastor to arrange a connection (708-408-0457).


What this means is that the worshiping community at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection will not be meeting face-to-face at all!  Staff will still be available for you by phone, M - Thu., 10am - 2pm.  For the most part, we will be working remotely from home.


Watch your emails, our website, & our Facebook page, and you'll find a message of encouragement as we chart these new waters together.


Lastly, marriages and funerals are exempt from the stay-at-home order, provided there are 10 or fewer people in attendance.  If you find yourself in need of emergency pastoral care, call Pastor immediately (dial twice if after 11pm) at 708-408-0457.  DO NOT LEAVE EMERGENCY OR TIME SENSITIVE INFORMATION ON THE CHURCH SYSTEM.


During these unusual and trying times, if we can't go to church we can be the church!  Jesus is piloting this ship and all will be well.


Pastor Mary


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