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What to expect - Please read before attending

We are joyous that we are entering Phase 5 for reopening, but we must also follow ELCA, Synod, IDPH and the CDC guidelines.


Procedures for entering, seating, exiting and communion are in order to meet social distancing guidelines and are outlined below. Your attendance is at your own risk. 

Please park in the parking lot and follow the signs to enter the building. If a line forms, maintain a 6-foot distance from other congregation members or guests.

Please arrive a few minutes in advance of the starting time of the service as check-in and seating will take some time. We will begin seating 30 minutes prior to the start time of the service. If you feel ill in any way or if you have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste, etc.), please do not attend.

You will be met at the door by a Greeter.
 As you have heard, the CDC is asking all to mask, vaccinated or not, and maintain a 6ft social distancing as we stand in line for the Eucharist, during fellowship, or at any time we spend indoors, so thank you for masking, and helping to keep us all safe.


An Usher will show you to your seat. NO food or beverages is allowed in the Sanctuary. Seats will be filled from the front of the church to the back. Please maintain social distancing. Families (all persons must be living together) can be seated together, otherwise each designated row will accommodate people, 3 feet apart.

There will be a pianist and/or Cantor, and congregational singing is encouraged if you are wearing a mask. If you are not wearing a mask (which we hope you are!) please refrain from singing.

Offering - You may deposit your offering in the basket at the back table in the sanctuary.

There will be no handshake of peace. 

COMMUNION DISTRIBUTION CHANGES… as we begin living fully in the Phase 5 reopening, we are changing our communion from individual cups to distribution.  In-person worship attenders will:

            - Get hands sanitized by the ushers at the outer aisle by row

            - Come forward by the outer aisle

            - Receive a wafer given by the Pastor

            - Pick your individually filled communion cup (wine or grape juice)

            - Remove your face mask and consume the elements

            - Replace your face mask

            - Place empty cup in disposal basket

            - Return to seat


We are still encouraging social distancing as we stand in line for the eucharist.


We are also encouraging those at home to get their pre-filled communion cups at church the 1st Sat. of the month for the entire month.

When the service has ended please remain seated. An Usher will dismiss each row individually.

Fellowship/coffee hour – we will be resuming our fellowship and coffee hour with some alterations. There will be a designated server that will prepare and pour the coffee in your cup. Individual creamers and sugar/sweetener packets will be available. Treats and snacks will be individually packaged or cut and served for you by a designated server. We appreciate your understanding in the implementation of these rules so as to ensure everyone’s safety.

Social distancing and hand sanitizing is still encouraged.


Surfaces will be sanitized before and after each service.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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