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Verse of the day

One of the translations of this passage uses the phrase, "the law of the Lord."  When I hear the word 'law' I immediately think punishment, not instruction. And yet, when mom or dad instructed us as we were growing up, missing the mark of the lesson involved consequences.  Same thing.


So why is God's 'law' or instruction seen as more serious or more harsh, when it is there to help mold us into Godly people? Perhaps we've never moved away from the 'old man judge' image we have of God.


Thanks to Jesus for giving us another image and another way to be molded and fashioned into the likeness of God!  Not only is Jesus our guiding spiritual director, but Jesus is a friend as well.  


Even though Jesus' lessons on the law expanded our understanding of the law (Matthew 6 & 7), we now understand how gracious God is when we don't exactly get it right.  We have a God who allows 'do-overs!'  


And that revives the soul, and our hope that tomorrow can be different.  We can be different.  We can be like Jesus.  And that, well, that makes a world of difference!