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Verse of the day

When I was a kid, I went to whichever church was closest to my house.  If you asked me what denomination, I couldn't tell you.  I was oblivious from age 5 - 12.  I even attended a Reformed Jewish synagogue for a while!


Even as an attender of church, my idea of God was that of judge, jury, and executioner.  I don't remember hearing about God's love - maybe for the world, but certainly not for me.


When I began to read scripture for myself, I found many places of encouragement, scriptures on the love God has for each of us, and what God was willing to do to keep a relationship going with us (me).


The verse above was one of those texts that got me thinking about the difference between living with the image of a judging God and living with the image of a God of mercy.  Just that option brings new hope and life.  It releases the burden of guilt, shame, negative self-talk, and a host of other ways we mistreat ourselves...because we feel as though we have been judged.


Just as Jesus was raised from death, we, too, can be raised from our death.  We can come out of the tomb in hope!