Verse of the day

Some of the more poignant commercials on TV lately involve the image of us just not caring enough to take a shower, or get dressed, or brush our teeth.   We're weary with the stay-at-home, work from home, teach from home, just about anything 'from home' scenario this pandemic has imposed upon us.  We've made the move to the couch and we haven't been able to motivate ourselves to do much else.  (Be honest. I bet that list of projects you've had on hold, because you needed some time to do them, is still looming just as large as before the pandemic!)


I think we've done the same with our soul hygiene as well.  We've placed on hold any moral inventory, deep reflection, and examination of our consciences for when we get more time.  Looking at our dirty laundry (figuratively as well as literally) is messy and hard work.  And yet, laundry needs to be done or we find ourselves without.


Today, with the author of Psalm 51, let's look at our interior spaces; give them a good shaking out, dust off the attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts, and let God wipe away the stains that still hamper us.  The sins, misdeeds, the evil intentions or bad thought tapes that keep replaying in our heads and affecting our feelings and behaviors.  Let's get rid of them.  Let's give them up to the One who can make us spotless again - God, through Jesus.


Gracious One, forgive me for I have sinned against you and my neighbor and even myself.  Wash me through and through.  Re-create in me a new heart O God, and do not let your Holy Spirit depart from me.  You are the One who saves me from my self.  Amen.

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