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Wellness Walk to Wittenberg, Germany

Sign up to join our virtual walk to Wittenberg, Germany – home to the Reformation and Martin Luther!  We begin this journey on Sunday, October 30th on the 499th anniversary of the Reformation.

All participating in this wellness challenge will be offered a fitness tracker* ($20.00)or a pedometer ($5), a passport to wellness where you can record your steps daily, a Lutheran Prayer book,  and classes on Luther and his theology and teachings.  An optional “stepping class” will be offered for those who want to work toward weight loss.

Each month your passport will be stamped when you return your step report to our coordinator, Ms. Taina Collins.

We’ll record your steps each week and move Martin Luther across the USA and into Germany, based on the number of miles traveled each month.  The total number of miles to Wittenberg, Germany is 4463.  Help us make it a reality by signing up to record your steps!

GO ONE STEP FURTHER and get sponsors to donate money (per mile or flat rate) so that we can support the ELCA’s World Hunger Appeal.  All monies raised will be collected monthly and sent to our synod to be use for feeding the poor in countries around the world.  Sponsor sheets are included with each participants’ backpack.