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Kathleen Domzalski - Congregation Council Vice-President


The role of the Vice President is primarily to support and assist the Pastor, Council President, and other Council officers in the administration and exercise of their responsibilities in Making Christ Known to All, our mission statement. This position is also accountable to each church member and the community of the faithful for appropriate administration and representation of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection.  There are two teams for which the Vice President is primarily responsible:

  • Media Team – Currently, this is the team responsible for development and maintenance of this website and its’ extension and representation into social media.  Members of this team are gifted with organizational, communication, and visual skills as well as technical ability/aptitude.

  • Mutual Ministry Team – Occasional conflict is an inevitable part of any group of people, and this team exists to bring healthy resolution to any interpersonal conflicts that arise, applying Christ’s teachings to the process, and addressing issues with love and concern.  These conflicts may occur between hired staff and congregant, congregant to congregant, hired staff to hired staff, etc.  There are no routinely-scheduled meetings, but rather the group meets as issues arise.  Members of this team are gifted with discernment, compassion, and impartiality.

I am a lifelong Chicago-area resident and I am a registered nurse currently working in medical artificial intelligence.  My daughter and her husband live in the St. Louis area; my fur baby lives with me.  I sing in the choir, play in the hand bell choir, and serve in the lay preacher rotation.  My primary interest lies in making the Gospel come alive to all through word and music.