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Through service, finance or prayer, we all donate on a regular basis.


God is already doing powerful, trans-formative work in and through LCR, and there is still even more that God is calling us to do and be. Please partner with us in financial generosity as we live together into God’s future.

You can make a one time gift or set up recurring giving. 

Why We Give

God wants to be first in every aspect of our lives—including our finances. Tithing isn’t about our money, it’s about our relationship with God. By bringing God our first 10%, we’re demonstrating that we trust that s/he will provide for us. Malachi 3:10 tells us that when we tithe and bring back to God what is already God’s, s/he will bless us.

Still Not Sure About Tithing?

LCR offers an opportunity for you to try tithing for 30 days. We’ll walk alongside you with encouragement and resources as you experience giving your first 10%. Afterwards, if you feel God has not kept God’s promise and blessed you in the process, you are free to reduce your giving to a percentage level that is more closely aligned with your situation.


Take the Challenge


Giving Beyond the Tithe

If you’ve been tithing for a while, you’ve witnessed firsthand how God’s ability to change lives can be accomplished through what we give. But what if God’s nudging you to do more?


2 Corinthians 9:7 explains that when we consider giving above our first 10%, we are called to give cheerfully. We’re not limited to just 10%, but only you know what God may be asking of you. Talk to God, listen to what s/he’s saying, and decide in your heart how much to give.

When making your donation, please make sure to select the appropriate fund from the drop down menu.

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