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We celebrate the love found between two people!  Love is from God. Whether you’re a member or not, whether you are LGBTQIA+ or not, whether you are Christian marrying someone of a different faith tradition or not, you are welcome to have your ceremony blessed by God here at Resurrection. 


Our Pastor has worked with clergy of other denominations and faith traditions and specializes in Jewish-Christian ceremonies.  Please contact the Pastor directly via email at for availability.

Click below for our wedding information form.


When you choose to be baptized, we believe it is an outward sign of an inward call of the Holy Spirit to have a relationship with you in a more profound and personal way.

When you choose baptism for your child, it is because you wish to give that same gift of an intentional relationship with God, vowing to raise your child in the ways of Christ.

When the church affirms baptism, we say “yes” to the spiritual gifts of God in a person’s life and we stand with you as they emerge, grow and manifest themselves in the world.

Baptisms are arranged on a person-by-person basis.  Baptisms can happen anytime within the year and are especially suited for Easter vigil (night before Easter). 

Each adult or parent(s) of an infant/child candidate for baptism meets with the Pastor and your chosen sponsors for a one-time discussion about baptism, the community of faith, the role of sponsors and the vows to be taken.

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When one loses a loved one, not only is there confusion over what to do next, but grief and pain accompany the very difficult process of saying good-bye.  At Resurrection, we serve families at the funeral home as well as in our sanctuary for both the wake and the funeral service. 

Our Pastor meets with the family to design a unique and personal homegoing service celebrating the life of the deceased. Following this difficult moment in time, we also offer times throughout the year for grieving families to remember their loved one – June (Summer Blues Service), All Saints Day (1st Sun. in Nov) and December (Blue Christmas Service).

Click below for our funeral planning guide and worksheet.