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Ministry of Proclamation

The Proclamation Ministry is close to the heart of the worship experience. Under the umbrella of Proclamation Ministry are the Worship and Music Committee and the Evangelism Committee.

The Worship and Music Committee meets monthly to prepare the word and music of our worship service. To ensure that all components of the service run smoothly and to optimize the worship experience, the following functions are reviewed for regular and special services, such as those during Lent, Advent, Christmas and Easter:

  • Worship Leaders consist of Communion Assistants, Readers, Ushers/Greeters, and Acolytes…the people that help bring our worship service together by assisting the pastor and those attending service.

  • The Altar Guild is the group who readies our environment for worship service each week. They dress the church and altar for service with all necessary worship elements - clean linens, the Bible, chalices, and wine and bread to consecrate in preparation for Communion.  Communion is served every Sunday with non-alcoholic options available and gluten-free options on request.

  • Music – The Music Minister and other Music Ministry members are present at meetings to ensure that all involved – clergy, media, and music selections – are appropriately selected, placed and coordinated for each service.

  • Media – Since the order of service and occasional audio-visual materials are projected at each service, the projectionist (a Media Team member) is present at meetings to ensure that orders of service and other materials are presented accurately.  He also facilitates connection to special applications for use by sight-impaired attendees.


The Evangelism Committee meets monthly to identify ways to “Make Christ Known to All”, our mission statement.  Carrying the love of Jesus Christ and his teachings to the community and those outside the walls of the church, this team has been present at the Old Time Picnic, Senior Health Fair, and at church -sponsored community events to engage visitors, share the love of Christ, and serve our neighbors.

I feel truly blessed to be able to help in whatever way possible to make your visit to our church memorable.  Your visit may even help you to decide you’d like to be part of our church family!   

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