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Timothy Colby

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Timothy Michael Colby - Ministry of Mission & Outreach


Presently live in Oak Forest for 29 years. I am the father of three young adults. I have been with the church for 1 year 5 months. I was installed into the church in March as Minister of Mission and Outreach. My goal in the church is to reach out to the congregation members and the public and Inspire, educate, encourage and motivate all to walk with Christ. I am steadfast in Christ, I am grounded in a belief in Jesus Christ that refuses to be shaken by circumstances or temptation. My secure footing is attacked daily. We all need to grow in Grace because we must continually receive God's forgiveness of sins and repent to move forward. I bring with me to the church a abundance of religious education through local, private and also the University. I am presently enrolled as a student for Christian apologetics.

I live a simple life. I enjoy being outdoors, being with my family, my beautiful cats and friends, reading literature and collecting religious items from different denominations. I have a large expanse of Bibles and religious Antiquities from all over the world.

I speak Latin but it is broken Latin due to the fact I have nobody to dialogue with in Latin. 

Thank you.

I stand with Christ.

Timothy Michael