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Tracey Fabing - Congregation Council Treasurer


Responsibilities of the Treasurer include processing all financial transactions for the church: 

  • All tithes, other contributions, and other income,

  • All Accounts Payable transactions, and

  • Payroll


Checks are issued to satisfy routine bills, annual licensing fees, and other liabilities that may occur.  Any necessary federal and state filings are completed and filed on time. 

The treasurer balances the books by reconciling any bank transactions.  And lastly, I prepare all monthly, year-end, and special financial reports that are needed by the congregation and the church Council. 

The role of the treasurer also includes attending all monthly Council meetings.  This can include voting on any transactions the church may encounter and making sure those transactions are consistent with our mission statement.  Since I have comprehensive knowledge of the churches’ financial position, I am able to assist others on the Council in assessing the feasibility of any future expenditures.

I grew up in Tinley Park, IL and went to Andrew High School and I have a cat named Toby. Although I would like to own a dog, I live in an apartment where there isn't enough room for a dog.  I work part time at PAWS animal shelter.  It is probably a good thing that I have limited space for animals because I would take home all of the dogs there.  My interests also include hiking and pet sitting.